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FAA & The Boeing 737 Max 8 Crisis

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Boeing Crisis has stretched to effect countries all over the world. The US days after other countries have decided to ground the Max 8 have just decided to ground the Planes in the US. Prompting some to ask why it took them so long ? It would seem the US is putting profit for one of our companies ahead of the safety of its citizens.

Victim-American Public

Villain -Boeing?/Gov Shut Down?

Vindicator- Pres Trump.

Void- Faulty 737 Max 8 Planes.

Vehicle- Presidential Declaration

Value- Safety of American citizens

After a tragic loss of life on Ethiopian Airlines where they lost an entire crew and passengers while flying a Boeing 737 Max 8 Jet. The Max 8 is advertised as one if not the best commercial jets available. After it was confirmed that the Airline did everything right on their end attention quickly turned to Boeing.

This is the 2nd Max 8 plane to go down in this manner in the past six months. It was reported by Ethiopian Airlines that the pilots reported the plane software causing problems before the crash, software Boeing had forgotten to mention and train the airline on upon purchase.

Now Boeing Jets are grounded in every major country and their stock is taking a major hit. There could be possible lawsuits to come from this so how can Boeing Recover?

They've done the first part issuing a statement that their planes are safe, they secondly met with the President to delay the grounding of flights in the US which bought them necessary time and gave them a reliable ally. It is important that they show they want to fix the problem immediately while not taking responsibility for the crash. In many articles we write on how an apology can go a long way, in this scenario even if Boeing is at fault an apology means certain doom. To admit that would mean admitting your planes can't be trusted and killed 130 people; as a plane company that makes it extremely hard to sell planes.If your planes fall out the sky people will not buy them.

The third thing they did was shift guilt, but to who? The US Government; Boeing claims they had an update that would have fixed the said problem(So they knew of a possible problem?). They were waiting for the government to process their claim, but the government shutdown made it impossible to get processed. There will never be an excuse Boeing can give that will make up for a software glitch causing a plane crash, but with how tensions are about the past government shutdown they can definitely shift anger and live to survive another day. Until the investigation is completed by both Boeing and Ethiopia it's impossible to tell who will really be held at fault, but these steps allow for Boeing to have a fighting chance and control the narrative of the Crisis.

Now lets take a look at the FAA. If Boeing is telling the truth and the update that was held up by the shutdown could have truly fixed the problem, then that would explain them allowing the planes to continue flying for so long even after every country has grounded them. The FAA and American government want this plane to be working perfectly because they can be at fault. To find out lives could have been saved had our president and congress not been arguing over a Border Wall.

With an election coming up that Mr.Trump is running in he had to do something. Allowing the planes to fly gives America the sign you believe in Boeing. After he supported Boeing he could then ground the flights signaling to the American people their safety is the number one concern. Now that he has covered both ends if Boeing findings come back favorable they will have credit because of the presidents previous trust in them. If it comes back that the problem was with the plane he will be championed for grounding the plane either way on the campaign trail he will be covered. If people blame the government for the Plane crash he can point the finger towards the Democrats and how their lack of concern for border control lead to a government shutdown that would be the cause of 130 people losing their life.

This is a crisis far from over on every side. There will likely be civil suits filed but all parties involved Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing, and the US Government will be covered from any criminal actions. Both the President and Ethiopian are almost guaranteed to come out of this unharmed and as long as Boeing can shift the guilt to the government shutdown then everyone lives to make money another day. Proper crisis management can help any problem, if you're in a crisis reach out to Archangel Firm for help.

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